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Mexican Chocolatl has rich powdery cocoa notes blended with sweet spices and a warm cinnamon swirl.
The Aztecs called their drink chocolatl, meaning warm liquid.
They brewed a drink, called chocolatl, made from roasted cocoa beans, water and a little spice.
Other sources say that the word comes from the much later Aztec language of Nahuatl and is chocolatl.
The staple foods were corn, legumes, small game, chilies, tomatoes, squash and chocolatl, the hot, unsweetened chocolate drink made from native cocao beans.
William Hickling Prescott wrote in his 1838, The History of the Conquest of Mexico: "Montezuma took no other beverage than the chocolatl, a potation of chocolate, flavored with vanilla and spices, and so prepared as to be reduced to a froth the consistency of honey, which gradually dissolved in the mouth and was taken cold.
They made a bitter drink out of the beans called chocolatl, often adding chili peppers to it for flavor
He reported that these people drank amazing amounts of something they called chocolatl (show-co-LAH-tul).