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Synonyms for confectionery

candy and other sweets considered collectively

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a confectioner's shop

the occupation and skills of a confectioner

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Heramb Chocolate Factory, also known as a marketer, a chocolatier, an entrepreneur and an epicurean that connects luxury home grown chocolate products with cocoa harvesting- it is one of the world's best chocolate makers to really grow cocoa beans, on our delectable plantation in Ghana.
As the Bournville venue will be staging its own pantomime version of Cinderella - complete with her lovable friend Buttons - for the festive season, its chocolatiers have spent two days handcrafting a stunning Cinderella-themed structure.
The aim of the awards is to give smaller chocolatiers, who may never normally be noticed, a platform to showcase their chocolates.
The chocolatiers have once again impressed us all with their incredible intricacy and eye for detail.
But the chocolatiers weren't quite finished, and wanted to celebrate The Queen's street party the best way we know how - a chocolate masterpiece
Iain Burnett, Highland Chocolatier at Grandtully, Highland Perthshire introduce the Velvet Truffle range of pure naked truffles with no hard chocolate shell.
Chocolatier Kelsey Anderson, 24, is the latest addition to Yarm Farmers' Market, held on Sunday.
I also think that different chocolatiers have different regions and blends that they find favourable to their palate.
com)-- TasteTV and the International Chocolate Salon are pleased to announce that Southern California's Ciel Chocolatier has won a medal in the 2013 "Artisan Chocolate Awards for Best Caramels.
Louis continues to attend new courses to maintain his standard as one of the UK's most qualified chocolatiers.
Owen Southern, 14, and his friend Ethan Grey, 13, were among a group of 11 Bedlingtonshire High School pupils who sold their own chocolates after hours spent learning the craft with business mentors at chocolatiers Kenspeckle in Lynemouth and Gareth James Chocolatiers in Tynemouth.
27 ( ANI ): In an attempt to boost Belgium's internationally renowned chocolate industry, chocolatiers from the country have created the world's largest vintage steam train made out of the delicious treat.
The chocolatiers from around the Alpine nation have gathered in Geneva to show off their finest wares to consumers already spoiled for chocolate choice.
That's a performance that chocolatiers won't take laying down-expect serious cocoa-related NPD next year.
Patrick Roger is one France's most famous chocolatiers.