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Synonyms for confectionery

candy and other sweets considered collectively

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a confectioner's shop

the occupation and skills of a confectioner

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Diane Mitchell, marketing manager at Cadbury World, says: "Our chocolatiers always look forward to creating something magical for Christmas
The Lindt Master Chocolatiers worked together to analyze the latest flavor trends and combine the finest ingredients to create the perfectly balanced sweet and salty premium chocolate recipes.
Iain Burnett, Highland Chocolatier at Grandtully, Highland Perthshire introduce the Velvet Truffle range of pure naked truffles with no hard chocolate shell.
Chocolatier Kelsey Anderson, 24, is the latest addition to Yarm Farmers' Market, held on Sunday.
I also think that different chocolatiers have different regions and blends that they find favourable to their palate.
com)-- TasteTV and the International Chocolate Salon are pleased to announce that Southern California's Ciel Chocolatier has won a medal in the 2013 "Artisan Chocolate Awards for Best Caramels.
And local businesses are already signing up to January's event, which will feature an inspirational talk from 20-year-old entrepreneur and chocolatier Louis Barnett.
He wanted to create a forum for artisan chocolatiers, to promote the diversity and quality of handmade chocolate products available beyond the supermarket shelf.
27 ( ANI ): In an attempt to boost Belgium's internationally renowned chocolate industry, chocolatiers from the country have created the world's largest vintage steam train made out of the delicious treat.
The chocolatiers from around the Alpine nation have gathered in Geneva to show off their finest wares to consumers already spoiled for chocolate choice.
That's a performance that chocolatiers won't take laying down-expect serious cocoa-related NPD next year.
Patrick Roger is one France's most famous chocolatiers.
The evening was organised by Dubai Ladies Club, a member of Dubai Women Establishment, in collaboration with Galler Chocolatiers.
As well as hot chocolate, the cafe also sells a selection of homemade chocolates prepared by some of the best chocolatiers around.
My dream was to organise an event based on the theme of chocolate, since Versoix is home to various artisans chocolatiers [artisan chocolatiers] and to the Favarger chocolate factory," Malek-Ashgar tells Swiss News.