chocolate chip cookie

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cookies containing chocolate chips

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The all-natural chocolate-chip cookie will be larger than a basketball court, measuring over 100 feet in diameter.
When I was a little girl, I used to stand on a stool to see over the kitchen table and help with the preparation of all kinds of foods, especially my Mom's famous chocolate-chip cookies," said Wiggins.
Dessert description: It's a favored creation here called ``Liza's Beach House dream `Sunday' '' made with fresh strawberries, crushed chocolate-chip cookies, chocolate and vanilla bean ice creams, hot caramel and hot fudge.
Upon arrival at any one of more than 180 Doubletree properties, guests are "welcomed" with a package of the chain's signature homemade chocolate-chip cookies.
Baker ponders aloud whether to send chocolate-chip cookies or snickerdoodles to the Mekong Delta, Shean's understated self-assurance keeps the line from sounding inadvertently clueless.
Michael has a degree in electrical engineering and computer science from Princeton University and an incurable addiction to chocolate-chip cookies.