Labrador retriever

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breed originally from Labrador having a short black or golden-brown coat

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The toughness this chocolate Lab showed, well, that's what Gunner Kennels are becoming known for, too.
Faith Price submitted this photo of her eight-week-old chocolate Lab pup, REMI.
For example, if you are attending a chocolate lab, find out if the storeroom (the school grocery store) has dark chocolate that is dairy-free.
Emily and her partner William Hazell decided to get a new dog from a rescue centre near their home in Spalding, Lincs, after the family lost its beloved chocolate lab, Minty.
She and her husband, Justin, also a New College research scientist, have two young children and a chocolate Lab, Aldo, named, of course, after the great environmentalist Aldo Leopold.
Dennis Elton's Britany spaniel named Woody and a chocolate lab named Brock ran when Elton got to a forest trail near Mount St.
One of the special areas is a Hershey's chocolate lab, the only Hershey's Lab outside of the company's headquarters in Pennsylvania.
Newell Hill Road, a chocolate lab named Tucker was reported missing.
And instead of sweating it out at the gym, she now gets her exercise walking golden retriever Meg and chocolate lab Fudge for half an hour a day.
He then rushed into the home to save a chocolate lab before firefighters arrived.
Also nearby was a dog, a chocolate Lab, which police believe was Soylemez's; it was later taken away by police officers.
Q I HAVE A four-year-old chocolate lab that is a great upland bird dog.
INTERESTS: Basketball, tennis, running and playing at the beach with my wife and our chocolate lab
QMy chocolate lab is very boisterous and rips the wallpaper.
little white one, the chocolate lab who loves to rush a dawning yard I