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Highlights for grown-ups include a soft nougat egg, a hand painted Belgian milk chocolate egg and a nutty surprise.
Charlie had a great time visiting our Easter egg supplier, Walkers Chocolates, to see for himself how chocolate eggs are made.
Packaging of their fair-trade chocolate eggs attempt to carry a stronger Christian message, with pictures of crosses rather than bunnies.
THERE are two aspects to this egg, the big chocolate egg itself and the little coconut truffles that go with it.
We would also recommend that adults think about whether treasure hunts involving lots of chocolate eggs could involve alternative non-food treats as well, adding to the surprise.
for teens | |Chokablok Popping Candy Heaven Egg (300g), PS5, Tesco | Extra Special Belgian Milk Chocolate Egg with Honeycomb (175g), PS6, Asda | Truly Irresistible Fairtrade Milk Chocolate Honey Bee Egg & Truffles (320g), PS7, The Co-op | Pecan Pie Milk Chocolate Egg (350g), PS15, Thorntons | Star Wars Darth Vader Egg (225g), PS7, Marks & Spencer | Milk Chocolate Egg with Rainbow Buttons (170g), PS1, Sainsbury's EASTER is just around the corner and the best chocolate eggs always sell out fast, so we've cracked on with tasting a whole bunch for you.
Experts compared chocolate eggs sold a month before Easter this year with the same period last year.
The two brands have also created "Pot Noodle" chocolate eggs, which will be sold in a ceramic mug.
Marmite makers Unilever are set to unleash a chocolate egg made with the love-it-or-hate-it yeast extract spread.
Legal firm TLW Solicitors popped in to the Riverside Children's Centre with a donation of more than 50 chocolate eggs.
Throughout the holiday weekend, colourful chocolate eggs will be distributed instead of the usual SWISS chocolate bars.
Mag Lam, brand ambassador of Dah Sing Life, joined more than 50 children and teenage members of the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups ("HKFYG") in a fun-filled day learning how to create chocolate eggs for the Easter Holiday.
It is topped with cream swirls and festive chocolate eggs.
Two Seattle men say they spent more than two hours in a detention center at the Canadian border after US border agents discovered illegal chocolate eggs in their car.
It proved to be so popular in fact that castle staff had to dash around local stores late on to replenish its stash of chocolate eggs on Sunday.