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cookies containing chocolate chips

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And with our Caring Community Cookie Project this holiday season, a gesture as simple as sharing a fresh baked chocolate chip cookie to someone unexpectedly is sure to make them smile.
We each bought these chocolate chip cookies, and look .
Consumers of chocolate chip cookies, by comparison, are looking for a variety of textures, most notably of the "all chewy" and "crispy on the outside, soft/chewy on the inside" experiences.
SLIM-LINE Sex In The City beauty Sarah Jessica Parker stuffs herself full of "politically incorrect" foods - ranging from chocolate chip cookies to heaping helpings of mashed potatoes - in a vain attempt to boost the size of her figure.
Bear experimented with batch after batch of cookies to find the secret to moist, chewy chocolate chip cookies.
Ice cream treat lovers have long enjoyed the taste combination of ice cream sandwiched between chocolate chip cookies soCarl's Jr.
Our gatherings always seem merrier whenever I bring some freshly baked chocolate chip cookies for the crowd.
FRESH-BAKED CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES are the signature mark of service for Midwest Airlines.
Chocolate varieties dominate the Top 10, with chocolate Hob-Nobs, chocolate chip cookies and bourbon creams all scoring highly.
Chocolate Decadence offers an incredible variety of candy bars, brownies, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate-covered cherries, baker's chocolate, and other treats, all of which are vegan.
Bake-off specialist Country Choice has a range of mouth-watering, premium quality, chocolate chip cookies that are ready to bake and give bake-off retailers the chance to recreate that unique taste of America in-store.
Denson's Monster Chocolate Chip Cookies don't pretend to be a stalk of broccoli.
Chocolate Chip Cookies at Their Best 1 cup (1/2 lb.
Trick-or-Treaters Receive Complimentary Chocolate Chip Cookies At Participating DoubleTree by Hilton Hotels Across the U.
Diego's friends enjoyed the Stuffies-stuffed chocolate chip cookies.