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a bar of chocolate candy

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Soon, she started making chocolate bars and truffles for them.
It then became a bit of an obsession and I actively went looking for limited edition chocolate bars to buy.
Our survey reveals that some supermarket chocolate bars taste almost indistinguishable from pricier branded versions.
The voluntary recall - issued by confectionery producer Mars Chocolate UK - has been highlighted by the Food Standards Agency which says that the Galaxy Cookie Crumble chocolate bars possibly contain a small piece of white plastic.
99--"it falls between chocolate bars and energy drinks," says Schnarr--and the bags have a suggested retail price of $4.
Jake Keating, from Liverpool, complained after he claimed he found the insect embedded in his chocolate bar.
TAYTO divided the nation yesterday with the launch of a cheese and onion chocolate bar.
Now we're hoping the food industry will take the next steps and use the technology to make tasty, lower-fat chocolate bars and other candy.
Nestle have recalled a number of Kit Kat Chunky's after pieces of plastic were found in the chocolate bars.
The Milk Chocolate Bar Gift Pack is brand new for 2013, a pack of three chunky milk chocolate bars, each depicting a memorable symbol of London.
Corder and coinvestigators tested 50 brands of commercially available dark chocolate bars averaging 76% cocoa solids and determined their average flavonol content was 312 mg/50 g.
In addition to chocolate bars, the company vends truffles, tee shirts, leashes, and animal care books.
The difference between the two chocolate bars was the amount of flavanols -- a natural compound in cocoa --they contained.
The new Tasty Little Numbers brand - which comprises bagged snacks, chocolate bars and snack pots that contain exactly 100 or 200 calories - is taking food labelling to a new level by boldly flagging up the calorie content on the front of the packaging.
Anne Tainter all-natural premium chocolate bars, available in milk or dark, come in boxes featuring five different vintage Anne Tainter brand graphics.