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a member of the Muskhogean people formerly living in Alabama

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the Muskhogean language of the Choctaw

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McBeth was never taken up on her offer and spent over twenty years working first among the Chocktaw and later the Nez Perce Indians.
The Ouachita Trend leasing program is a new addition to the Company's existing projects that include Little Cedar Creek in Alabama, the Chocktaw Prospect in Louisiana, Barnett Shale interests in Texas, and several undisclosed initiatives in the planning and development stages.
The Alligator and the Hunter," a story passed down by Mississippi's Chocktaw Indians about hunting deer responsibly, is the contribution of Bruchac, who has written more than 50 books for adults and children.
tie) Chocktaw Books, Jackson; Turning Pages, Natchez
The event, hosted by the Craftsmen's Guild of Mississippi, will include historical crafts, period food and music, a Choctaw dance and chant, Chocktaw stickball, and demonstrations.