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3/4 cup miniature-size semisweet chocalate baking chips
Stir flour with chocalate, soda, baking powder, and salt.
This tournament received huge sponsorship support with Pocari Sweats, Gulfgate, Roasters, Armaf perfumes, Colatta Chocalates, Fast Stroke Sports, Global Computers and Alliance Group all getting involved.
BOXED CHOCOLATE BOUGHT IN PAST 12 MONTHS Base: 800 adults aged 15+ % Family sharing assortments 54 Trad box milk chocolates 43 Dark chocolate mint chocolates 32 Lux/prem milk chocolates 21 Lux/prem milk and plain chocolates 14 Trad box dark chocolates 13 Trad box milk and plain chocalates 8 White mint chocolates 8 Lux/prem dark chocolates 8 Lux/prem white chocolates 7 Other 13 Source: BMRB/Mintel