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a commercial bleaching agent

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Eggs were collected every other day and washed in a 1% solution of Chlorox bleach and water.
For germination tests, we treated seeds from 10 randomly selected shrubs from each site with 9% Chlorox and placed 10 seeds each from each shrub on saturated filter paper in sealed petri dishes.
Bring the blocks and toys in come fall, hose off the sand, bleach with diluted Chlorox or a wood bleach, and store till next winter--when you and the children can refurbish them.
There are major players in the residential water treatment business including Chlorox (Brita), Proctor & Gamble (PUR) and Vivendi.
Islamabad Gold) were obtained from Crop Research Institute, National Agriculture Research Centre, Islamabad (NARC) were surface sterilized with 95% ethanol followed by 10% chlorox for 3 min and rinsed with sterile water.
Chlorox, zonrox, 1 liter 2 packs cotton balls 200 pcs.
The Chlorox Company and Advanced Sterilization Products contributed the bleach-impregnated towels.
You wouldn't believe how it takes your breath away Chlorox makes a very inexpensive and effective sanitizer.