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perennial grass of South Africa introduced into United States


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In this study, P, K, Ca, Mg and Na macronutrient accumulations of 4 forage grasses (Agropyron elongatum, Chloris gayana, Cynodon dactylon and Festuca arundinacea) grown on saline and alkaline soils were determined and whether these accumulations are sufficient for the mineral requirements by animals were evaluated.
Development of new tetraploid Chloris gayana cultivara with improved salt tolerance from 'Callide' and 'Samford'.
A la fecha solo se han detectado seis hospederas silvestres: Sorghum halepense, Cenchrus ciliaris, Cynodon dactylon, Chloris gayana, Echinochloa colonum (poaceas) y Cyperus rotundus (ciperacea) y dos cultivadas: S.
Some of the grasses found are Melinis repens, Chloris gayana, Cynodon dactylon, Bromus carinatus, Setaria grisebachii, and Sporobolus atrovirens.
purpurascens, Chloris gayana, Cynodon dactylon, Panicum purpurascens, cana de acucar e Sorghum sudanense (LORDELLO & MELLO FILHO, 1969B; LORDELLO, 1972; CHARCHAR & HUANG, 1991); CASTILLO & VOLVLAS, 2007.
Chloris gayana, Eragrostis curvula and Paspalum dilatatum) under elevated CO2 is related to growth stimulation (Manea et al.
Performance and carcass composition of Tanzania goats fed chloris gayana hay with supplements containing different level of protein.
Differences in sward structure, nutritive value, and bite size of animals grazing Setaria anceps and Chloris gayana at various stages of growth.
ABSTRACT The study aimed to determine the nutritive value of Cenchrus ciliaris, Leptochloa fusca, Chloris gayana, Cynodon dactylon and Panicum colunum grasses for ruminants.
Thirteen ground-layer species were recorded across the trial, dominated by halophytes including species of Atriplex and Enchylaena tomentosa (ruby saltbush), or species with physiological adaptations to elevated salinity such as Chloris gayana (Rhodes grass).
Growth performance and carcass characteristics of Tanzanian goats fed Chloris gayana Hay with different levels of protein supplement.
buffel grass (Cenchrus cilliaris), Chloris gayana, Paspalum spp.
A mixture of species was sown on the pasture plots: Chamaecrista rotundifolia and Stylosanthes hamata (Amiga and Verano) at 3 kg/ha, and Bothriochloa insculpta, Cenchrus ciliaris, and Chloris gayana at 4 kg/ha.