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the addition or substitution of chlorine in organic compounds

disinfection of water by the addition of small amounts of chlorine or a chlorine compound

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These are made with Arena's X-Raptor material combining compression, water resistance and durability in chlorinated water.
I would expect green algae to die in chlorinated water.
The solution works better than water, chlorinated water, or hydrogen peroxide at eliminating surface bacteria from produce.
It expects users to "not expose the device to seawater, salt water, chlorinated water or liquids such as fruit drinks, liquid detergent and vinegar.
Food processors sometimes use chlorinated water or hydrogen peroxide-based washes to sanitize produce, but they are not always effective.
The health minister said that unless properly purified and chlorinated water was made readily available to the people the objective to protect their health and lives can not be achieved.
The fastness profile is completed by good results in the chlorinated water fastness test (ISO 105 E03 20 ppm active chlorine)
trade agreement is the bloc's ban on the use of chlorinated water in poultry processing, subsequently expanded to include the use of any and all antimicrobials, which has effectively barred U.
Palmlof and Oderkerk developed a polyethylene for permanent contact with chlorinated water based on non-substituted or substituted aliphatic or aromatic non-ester hydroxyl stabilizers.
Thanks to its presence, components made of titanium will not corrode even in salt water or chlorinated water, unlike the high-grade steels that are normally used in the sector.
But the idea of submerging oneself into chlorinated water is a turnoff for those with sensitive skin and $300 hair-color treatments.
Other compounds with similar properties have been identified and quantified in chlorinated water, and it is believed that they are responsible for the rest of the mutagenic activity.
This is where water meters, pipe fittings and other parts that carry drinking water can be tested for their long-term resistance against chlorinated water at various temperatures, pressures, pH values and flow rates over the course of thousands of hours.
Among the measures being taken by the Health Ministry are closing contaminated water sources, flushing chlorinated water into supply lines and water tanks in affected areas and expanding health education to the population regarding precautions against cholera.
The Aquacircus product was specifically created by the specialists at Empex Watertoys[R] for use at spray parks with that utilize chlorinated water.