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Specific strengths of this study include the following: 1) the excellent working relationships developed between LHWMP and King County dry cleaners facilitated the recruitment efforts, 2) analyzing both the products and the waste streams allowed identification of the source of chlorinated hydrocarbon contamination in a separator water sample, 3) the use of a ZeroWASTE device at one shop permitted evaluation of the efficacy of separator water treatment prior to disposal, and 4) data of sufficient quality were generated to support specific recommendations for product selection and waste disposal.
Chlorine containing compounds were supplied as chlorinated hydrocarbons, dry HCl gas in organic solvents, Cu (I and II) chlorides and iron (III) chlorides.
Two classes of contaminants that are particularly problematic are petroleum hydrocarbons and chlorinated hydrocarbons as shown in Figure 1.
Analysis of standard reference materials and duplicates indicated that, for the major chlorinated hydrocarbon contaminants, the standard deviation averaged 3% of the mean and ranged between 0 and 10% of the mean.
In Geneva, the negotiators were clearly in favour of phasing out the production and use of three POPs: aldrin (a chlorinated hydrocarbon used as an insecticide), endrin (chlorine-containing organic compound used as an insecticide) and toxaphene (mixture of organic compounds made by chlorination of camphene and used as an insecticide).
This unit is critical equipment at Pontchartrain: It takes chlorinated hydrocarbon, a byproduct generated during other plant processes, and converts it into HC1, which is then used on-site in a neutralization process.
Used by 80 to 85 percent of the dry cleaners in the United States, this chlorinated hydrocarbon was originally developed as a metal degreaser for airplane parts before the dry-cleaning industry adopted it more than 50 years ago.
He says that FDA tolerances for many chlorinated hydrocarbon pesticides are between 100 to 300 parts per billion.
In manufacturing this herbicide, dioxin, a chlorinated hydrocarbon is formed as an unavoidable contaminant.
Physical Properties of the Chlorinated Hydrocarbon Blowing Liquids.
Peters, an occupational epidemiologist and one of the study's authors, though carbon tetrachloride, tetrachloroethylene and trichloroethylene are known animal carcinogens, this is only the second major published epidemiologic study to suggest strongly that these chlorinated hydrocarbon solvents are also human carcinogens.
* Hazards - Chlorinated hydrocarbon vapors could be released into the atmosphere if cleaning procedures were not closely followed.
Staying in the automotive sector, a high performance engine manufacturer in the Midlands is to move away from aqueous cleaning for a particular application and will install a Durr Universal 81S system, which uses a chlorinated hydrocarbon solvent.
Chlorinated hydrocarbon levels in human serum: effects of fasting and feeding.