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Many shops use spot cleaning products that contain very high concentrations of chlorinated hydrocarbons.
Oxidative Corrosion of Metal Surface (Fe) by Chlorinated Hydrocarbon (CFC/HCFC refrigerants) or Carbox-ylic Acids in Presence of Water.
Chlorinated hydrocarbons include dry cleaning fluids, industrial solvents, and chemicals used in photographic development, plastics manufacturing, and the computer industry.
In the present work, we extend our previous work by processing solutions of low-density polyethylenes (LDPE) and chlorinated hydrocarbons, which have different molecular structures and weights, and investigate the influences of the material properties on resultant foam structures.
Temporal changes in some chlorinated hydrocarbon residue levels of Canadian breast milk and infant exposure.
One of the contracts signed this year, is an order with The Winter Group, who are contracted by Montgomery Watson for the treatment of chlorinated hydrocarbon contaminated soils.
Levels of chlorinated hydrocarbon residues in Canadian human breast milk and their relationship to some characteristics of the donors.
PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls) are widely used industrial chemicals of the chlorinated hydrocarbon class.
In general, exposure of marine mammals to persistent chlorinated hydrocarbon contaminants and their metabolites has been implicated as a causative factor in sterility, growth retardation, perturbation of immunologic function, and reproductive abnormalities.
has recently received a permit to treat certain chlorinated hydrocarbon contaminated soils at its St.
Aliphatic hydrocarbon made up 36 percent of this market in 1993, alcohol 16 percent, chlorinated hydrocarbon 14 percent and ketone 13 percent, says the report, U.
The EPA Determination of Equivalent Treatment certifies CEP for processing chlorinated hydrocarbon waste streams including wastes from the manufacture of PVC and other chlorinated plastics as well as the manufacture of a series of chlorinated solvents.
Sampling soil and groundwater;Sample shipments;Analysis of soil and groundwater nonpolar and polar explosives and compounds (salts, heavy metals, chlorinated hydrocarbons, BTX, LAGA, DepV).
In 1976, the Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer instrument on NASA's Viking landers detected two simple chlorinated hydrocarbons after heating Martian soils for analysis (chloromethane and dichloromethane).