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a common complex mineral consisting of calcium fluoride phosphate or calcium chloride phosphate

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In the last ten years or so, the iron mine at Dashkesan, Azerbaijan has become a familiar source of magnetite and epidote specimens, and much less frequently of large, opaque gray-white crystals of an apatite-group species: these last closely resemble the old "apatite" specimens from Snarum, Norway now known to be chlorapatite (see Dunn, vol.
silicate minerals, including sanbornite, gillespite, celsian, pellyite, macdonaldite, titantaramellite, and the recently described barium analog of chlorapatite, alforsite.
Alforsite, the barium analog of chlorapatite, was described as a new mineral by Newberry et al.
1981) Alforsite, a new member of the apatite group: the barium analogue of chlorapatite.