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Synonyms for Chloranthaceae

small family of tropical herbs and shrubs and trees

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The angiosperms closest to the origin of monocots include Chloranthaceae and the Piperales (Aristolochiaceae, Lactoridaceae, Piperaceae, and Saururaceae), all of which do have vessels.
That possibility cannot be ruled out entirely, and Chloranthaceae show why.
Sarcandra, a vesselless genus of the Chloranthaceae.
Wood anatomy of Chloranthus; summary of wood anatomy of Chloranthaceae, with comments on vessellessness, and the origin of monocotyledons.
The positions of Ceratophyllum and Chloranthaceae inferred from phytochrome data.
The deepest splits in Chloranthaceae as resolved by chloroplast sequences.
Caryophyllaceae [5, 66, 112, 141], Chloranthaceae [251],
Caryophyllaceae [141], Chloranthaceae [251], Cucurbitaceae
Asteraceae [213], Chloranthaceae [251], Cucurbitaceae [71],
5], Chloranthaceae [251], Fabaceae [212], Geraniaceae
54], Chloranthaceae [251], Euphorbiaceae [7, 254], Fabaceae
105, 142, 221], Calycanthaceae [120], Chloranthaceae [251],
Chloranthaceae [251], Lauraceae [74], Magnoliaceae [11, 108,
2000), the ANITA grade (Amborellaceae, Nymphaeales, Austrobaileyaceae, Trimeniaceae, and Illiciales) plus Chloranthaceae and Ceratophyllaceae, exclusively contain S-type plastids.