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Gram-negative parasites in warm-blooded vertebrates

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Multiple Chlamydiaceae species in trachoma: implications for disease pathogenesis and control.
Zoonotic Chlamydiaceae species associated with trachoma, Nepal.
The commercial ArrayTube assay has been successfully used to identify mixed infections among animals infected with multiple species of Chlamydiaceae (18,19).
To examine samples for the presence of any of the 9 Chlamydiaceae species and Waddlia chondrophila and Simkania negevensis, we performed the ArrayTube assay as described (17,19).
D85709) and therefore can be identified as a member of the family Chlamydiaceae (5).
Previous reports of members of the family Chlamydiaceae in amphibians concerned species occurring in other vertebrate taxa as well: C.
Accumulating evidence for recombination among Chlamydiaceae in general, and C.
identified 14 conserved housekeeping genes that could be used to extend MLST schemes for these and potentially other Chlamydiaceae spp.
Antigen retrieval was performed by enzyme digestion for 10 minutes (Pronase; Dako) for the Chlamydiaceae antibody and repeated microwave treatment in citrate buffer (ChemMate; Dako) for the Parachlamydia antibody, respectively.
1%) of 211 specimens were positive for Chlamydiaceae.
Nested polymerase chain reaction (PCR) for Chlamydiaceae spp.
abortus in this case: High antibody titers to LPS indicate chronic infection or, less likely, multiple expositions to a member of the genus Chlamydiaceae (10).
Parachlamydiaceae, which naturally infect amoebae, form a sister taxon to the Chlamydiaceae on the basis of the Chlamydia-like cycle of replication and 80% to 90% homology of ribosomal RNA genes.
A new Parachlamydiaceae family was proposed (44) that forms a sister taxon to the Chlamydiaceae, as it has a Chlamydia-like cycle of replication and 80% to 90% homology of ribosomal RNA genes.