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Synonyms for chitterlings

small intestines of hogs prepared as food

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After stooping to pick his face and that sad sack of spoiled chittlins off the floor, he wobbled away without a word and ever so much as looked me in the eyes again thought he always managed to a glimpse of my behind.
When de cabbage pot is steamin' An' de bacon good an' fat, When de chittlins is a-sputter'n' So's to show you whah dey's at; Tek away yo' sody biscuit Tek away yo' cake an' pie, Fu' de glory time is comin', An' it's 'proachin' mighty nigh, An' you want to jump an' hollah, Dough you know you'd bettah not, When yo' mammy says de blessin' An' de co'n pone's hot.
that's why, as I told ishmael, it's ironic that chittlins is a big food among african americans, when it was the food the white men used to break the spirit of those from africa.