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small intestines of hogs prepared as food

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I am not an Afro-American and, unfortunately, I feel that I sometimes encounter a racial barrier when I ask about chitterling preparation.
As he reports, "having passed through their hands and tasted of this goodly chitterling broth, they were carried away by this invention" (97, italics mine).
These exposures included the infant roaming freely in a walker in the room where chitterlings were being cleaned, chitterling juices splashing on clean dishes or a baby's bottle, washing bottles in a sink that was not thoroughly cleaned, and feeding or handing a pacifier to an infant during cleaning or preparation of chitterlings.
Lola has never offered chitterlings on its Southern-inspired menu.
RETAILERS CAN ADD SOME SOUL TO THEIR FROZEN MEAT CASE by stocking Shauna's Hand Cleaned Pork Chitterlings, which are now being marketed nationwide by The Chitlin Market restaurant in Hyattsville, Md.
From which part of a pig are edible chitterlings obtained?
My father used to call at a shop on Friday night and came home with a whole hodge and chitterlings which all the family enjoyed.
he is an ugly brute to be sure, with his chitterlings throat, and his elbows out; but why did not Venus make the hit?
He said: 'They call them tricandilles, we call them chitterlings - fried pigs' intestines.
Yersinia infection most often occurs from eating raw or undercooked pork products, such as chitterlings.
9/ Includes tongues, kidneys, livers, stomachs, hearts, chitterlings,
Staging Domesticity provides a map for reading that could illuminate other Renaissance texts as well: Rabelais, for example, whose battle of the chitterlings versus Lent is marvelous "kitchen stuff"; Cervantes, whose hero, like Dekker's apprentice shoemaker Firk, has visions of animated comestibles marching to heroic encounters; European epic in general, which variously represents women's magical potions and promises of bodily cure as challenges to masculine identity and national projects.
She was setting at the table and she said to the waiter: "Say waiter, be sure and fetch me some of them missionary chitterlings.
Of the 30 new employees, the black women were assigned to the chitterlings room, where they would scrape feces and worms from intestines.