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Synonyms for chit

a dismissive term for a girl who is immature or who lacks respect

the bill in a restaurant


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She got high and mighty, and I told her I was old enough to be her grandfather and that I wouldn't take gammon from a chit like her.
And now I've come to find out whether I'm skipper of the Flibberty, or that chit of yours with her pirating, heathen boat's-crew.
He 's got to learn that I 'm not to be shaken by a little chit like him.
Let Steve take that chit home and show his manners.
refused by a teacher, picked up by advertisement, at an annual salary of five pounds payable at indefinite periods, and 'found' in food and lodging like the very boys themselves; and this too in the presence of a little chit of a miller's daughter of eighteen, who was going to be married, in three weeks' time, to a man who had gone down on his very knees to ask her.
And then another sneer, "Waste time enough over it too," followed perhaps by the bitter retort from the other party "You seemed to like it well enough though, playing the fool with that chit of a girl.
Of course he saw no more than I did, but to annoy me, or perhaps to punish me for my long defection, he must turn his back on me and devote himself to this chit from Southampton to the Mediterranean.
Saxon saw Punch, the little, rough-coated Skye-terrier with the honest eyes (who had plodded for weary months), gone lame and abandoned; she saw Daisy, the chit of a child, hide Punch in the wagon.
It staggered you to see this reckless ex penditure of material upon a chit of a girl.
I had always magnificent hair, even as a chit of a girl.
You are a chit and a little idiot,' returned Bella, 'or you wouldn't make such a dolly speech.
Extortion chits were also recovered from the possession of the accused, he added.
Further, the relevant State Government or Registrar of Chits must permit chit funds to accept subscription from non-resident Indians.
RBI also said that the Registrar of Chits or an officer authorised by the state government may permit any chit fund to accept subscription from NRIs on non-repatriation basis.
Contract notice: Interconnection services chits sites and maintenance of a wireless backup infrastructure.