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a dismissive term for a girl who is immature or who lacks respect

the bill in a restaurant


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20 (ANI): The Union Cabinet on Tuesday gave its nod to introduce the Chit Funds (Amendment) Bill in the parliament.
The police spokesman said that the IGP had taken notice of the two separate news items- one pertaining to the alleged involvement of police personnel in dacoity incident, and the other sending of 'bhatta' chits to the businessmen.
The groups of MQM had ruined the city, now they should not be given a clean chit to operate in Karachi," he said.
Earlier, non-resident Indians were not allowed to invest in chit funds operating in India.
Global Banking News-June 12, 2015--Reserve Bank of India allows non-resident Indians to invest in chit funds
The demonstrations in Delhi, demanding punishment for the perpetrators of the anti-Sikh riots of 1984, have the exigency of deliberation -- thanks to Rahul Gandhi's infamous interview to an Indian television channel, in which he suicidally awarded a clean chit to his predecessors accused of masterminding the 1984 riots.
Chit funds, a savings avenue that is as popular with housewives as it is with businessmen, have earned a bad name.
Pushparaj, Director informed that Maruthi Chits which has over 2 lakh subscriber base, 1000 employees and 36 crores yearly turnover together of all 60 branches spread over all the southern states is now for the first time foraying into Andhra Pradesh.
While the chits created by the publisher's server are typically eight random characters, subscribers can create new subscriptions with any new chit name they want, provided it is not already in use by that publisher.
They're being asked to lay those chits down where they think growth should go, in an attempt to reach some rudimentary consensus about how to handle future growth.
Hinomaru then issued taxi chits worth only 11 million yen to Okuma.
Imagine all the bad jokes we would have been deluged with if Florida recount rooms had not been full of chads but full of chits.
In answering our queries as to the controls and limits applied to the taxi chits (and free bus tokens) distributed throughout DND, LaViolette's spokesperson had said that the transportation subsidies "are available to personnel for the execution of business within Ottawa.
Chits are paper-based vouchers used for purchases on base.
Contract notice: maintenance services for chits and chh medical distribution facilities and medical fluid plants