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a Bantu language that is one of the two major languages of Zimbabwe

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In ChiShona they have been acquired from English, Nguni, Afrikaans and Portuguese over centuries.
The applicative in Chishona and lexical mapping theory.
Before the rebellion, called chimurenga in ChiShona, was suppressed the following year, it had drastically impeded, and in many cases destroyed, the missionary efforts of the Christian churches in colonial Zimbabwe.
Led by lay editor-in-chief Paul Chidyausiku, the magazine was published in Rhodesia's three major languages: ChiShona, SiNdebele, and English.
The 1966 publication of the New Testament in ChiShona was an important step in creating an African church.
Although Latin was, and still remains, the official language of the Catholic liturgy, the mass and other liturgies began to be translated into ChiShona and SiNdebele.
This paper describes one approach of developing the language using the ChiShona language spoken in Zimbabwe and neighbouring countries.
ChiShona is one of eight officially recognised languages in Zimbabwe and represents a cluster of languages spoken by about 80% of Zimbabweans.
New words in ChiShona have been assimilated from English, Nguni, Afrikaans and Portuguese over the centuries.
11) The ChiShona Duramazwi reUrapi neUtano (Dictionary of Medical and Health Terms) is aimed at Shona-speaking health professionals.
Within the origins of ChiShona there were shifts and turns mainly to transform ChiShona from an oral to written form.
In 1931, Doke used the word ChiShona to represent all five languages (Doke, 1931).
The process is sometimes referred to as the unification process of ChiShona.
Tsitsi Nyoni holds a Master's degree in Curriculum and Arts Education and is currently a lecturer in ChiShona at Great Zimbabwe University.
All the sub-ethnic groups speak the same language called ChiShona.