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In practice however, there are strong incentives of MPs to join parties strategically, in order to get support from the party leadership for re-election (Klein, 2016a; Klein, 2016b; Stefan, Gherghina and Chiru, 2012; Heller and Mershon, 2008), to further their political career in public office (Pinto, 2015; Owens, 2003), or to gain more credibility on a personal vote (Tavits, 2005; McMenamin and Gwiazda, 2011).
Chiru or Tibetan antelope (Pantholops hodgsonii) are endemic to the Tibetan Plateau, and listed as endangered on the IUCN Red List (IUCN 2008) and Appendix I of CITES (CITES 2000).
Chiru, who is a founding member of the band, created the group in 2009 with a few musicians who belonged to the same church." The band's first performance was at St.
(31.) Peter Chiru, interviewed by the author on February 22,2008, on the way to Choroi Kholen in Churachandpur, Manipur.
Private collectors and zoos in developed and developing countries want rare and unusual species.14 Consumer preferences create niche markets for components of protected plants and animals that are used in traditional Asian and African medicines, in exotic foods such as bushmeat and reef fish, and in fashion items that use ivory, tortoise shell, or shatoosh (the wool of the endangered Tibetan antelope, the chiru, which has to be killed for the wool to be collected).
Le chapitre ecrit par Mihail Chiru est une etude empirique sur le phenomene de populisme en Roumanie dans la periode 2004-2008 a l'occasion des elections parlementaires, visant les principaux formations politiques entrees dans la course electorale (l'Alliance DA, PSD, PD-L).
Beginning with access to traditional occupational and career information, ICT in career guidance has evolved to include a wide variety of information sources as well as facilitating interaction among clients and guidance professionals (Bimrose & Barnes, 2010; Harris-Bowlsbey & Sampson, 2005; Offer & Chiru, 2006; Sampson, 2008; Vuorinen, 2006; Watts, 2002).
guira nguiiu ne biulu zanda gueeda chiru ca' naa yanna gueela'
Many of the identified combinations (bin-active compound --source/base product--biological effect) have also been found in the Romanian traditional recipes (Stroia, A., Chiru, C., 2010), therefore food producers could use the traditional gastronomic repertoire as a platform to subsequently design new functional foods.
The tribes are: Anal, Angami, Ao, Chakhesang, Chang, Cheru, Chirr, Chiru, Chothe, Dikhiri (Tikher), Gongwan, Hemi (Heimi), Hkalak (Khaklak), Htangan, Kharam, Khiamungan (or Nokaw in Myanmar), Kuku, Konyak, Lamkang, Leinung (Lainong), Lotha, Macham (Lacham or Lasam), Makhori, Mao, Maram, Maring, Mon-sang (Sirti), Moyon, Namshik, Nocte (literally "village dweller") or Hashik, Pakang, Pangaw (or Pongo), Pangmi, Para, Phellungri, Phom (literally "cloud"), Pochuri, Ponyo, Poumai, Pyangoo (or Piangu), Rangpan (the Tangsas of/in Myanmar), Rengma, Sangtam, Sema (or Sumi), Shangpuri, Tangkhul (also called Hao/Hau or Wung/Hung), Tangsa, Tarao, Thangal, Tsaplo, Wancho, Yimchunger, Yonkon, and Zeliangrong or Jeliangrong (a combination of four subtribes, viz.
(6) Quite possibly, way down the chain of orally transmitted information, there may have been little understanding of the difference between toosh (from the chiru or Tibetan antelope Pantholops hodgsoni, obtained by killing the animal) and pashm (harvested sustainably from some of the domesticated breeds of goat of Inner Asia).
Around the globe, more and more manmade barriers stand in the way of migrating elephants and wildebeest on African savannahs, chiru on Asian steppes, and caribou on Arctic tundra.
Among the mares on the Irish Derby and King George winner's book this year are Winger, a winning granddaughter of the influential Reprocolor' Chiru, a half-sister to Oaks winner Shahtoush' and Shanira, a granddaughter of Darshaan's dam Delsy.