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Systematic research on chiru started during the late 1980s, and including studies on behaviour, foraging, and population status, among many other topics (Miller & Schaller 1996, Schaller 1998).
While on the job Chiru helps many young aspiring singers and musicians, and in the the cultural Tamchon
Peter Chiru, interviewed by the author on February 22,2008, on the way to Choroi Kholen in Churachandpur, Manipur.
Una contribucion de Delfin Ortega sobre la metodologia para el estudio de las Cronicas de Indias y una interesante reflexion sobre el nacionalismo panameno elaborada por el doctor Felix Chiru comprenden la seccion de Historiografia del presente numero.
Beginning with access to traditional occupational and career information, ICT in career guidance has evolved to include a wide variety of information sources as well as facilitating interaction among clients and guidance professionals (Bimrose & Barnes, 2010; Harris-Bowlsbey & Sampson, 2005; Offer & Chiru, 2006; Sampson, 2008; Vuorinen, 2006; Watts, 2002).
guira nguiiu ne biulu zanda gueeda chiru ca' naa yanna gueela'
The tribes are: Anal, Angami, Ao, Chakhesang, Chang, Cheru, Chirr, Chiru, Chothe, Dikhiri (Tikher), Gongwan, Hemi (Heimi), Hkalak (Khaklak), Htangan, Kharam, Khiamungan (or Nokaw in Myanmar), Kuku, Konyak, Lamkang, Leinung (Lainong), Lotha, Macham (Lacham or Lasam), Makhori, Mao, Maram, Maring, Mon-sang (Sirti), Moyon, Namshik, Nocte (literally "village dweller") or Hashik, Pakang, Pangaw (or Pongo), Pangmi, Para, Phellungri, Phom (literally "cloud"), Pochuri, Ponyo, Poumai, Pyangoo (or Piangu), Rangpan (the Tangsas of/in Myanmar), Rengma, Sangtam, Sema (or Sumi), Shangpuri, Tangkhul (also called Hao/Hau or Wung/Hung), Tangsa, Tarao, Thangal, Tsaplo, Wancho, Yimchunger, Yonkon, and Zeliangrong or Jeliangrong (a combination of four subtribes, viz.
6) Quite possibly, way down the chain of orally transmitted information, there may have been little understanding of the difference between toosh (from the chiru or Tibetan antelope Pantholops hodgsoni, obtained by killing the animal) and pashm (harvested sustainably from some of the domesticated breeds of goat of Inner Asia).
Around the globe, more and more manmade barriers stand in the way of migrating elephants and wildebeest on African savannahs, chiru on Asian steppes, and caribou on Arctic tundra.
Uno central, caracterizado por "concentraciones mayores, como las de Chiru, Paris y especialmente Nata, en donde Gaspar de Espinosa cuenta cerca de 1 500 habitantes que ocupaban entre 45 y 50 viviendas" y otro en Darien, de poblacion dispersa a lo largo de los numerosos cursos de agua.
Among the mares on the Irish Derby and King George winner's book this year are Winger, a winning granddaughter of the influential Reprocolor' Chiru, a half-sister to Oaks winner Shahtoush' and Shanira, a granddaughter of Darshaan's dam Delsy.
Shahtoosh, the wool from the rare chiru, a Tibetan antelope, is another favourite among traders.
Maxfield Enterprises has also agreed to pay for a series of public service ads in Vanity Fair and/or Harper's Bazaar, describing the threat the shahtoosh trade poses to the chiru.
Living up to its reputation for innovation and spectacle, Opera International brings former Moscow Bolshoi Circus star Ion Stanca and colleagues Marian Chiru and Dumitru Grosu to provide specially-devised daring set-pieces during the Moldovan company's productions of Puccini's La Boheme and Leoncavallo's Pagliacci.
The Indian province of Kashmir has banned the production of shahtoosh shawls made from the fine wool of the endangered Tibetan antelope or chiru, a rare animal that inhabits the remote plateaux of Tibet and the Chinese provinces of Xinjiang and Qinghai.