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an old order dating to early Eocene: bats: suborder Megachiroptera (fruit bats)

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3) Mormotomyia corpses were found in the nest of a salticid spider, located within a small crack in the rock face below this fissure APPENDIX 2 Caves and fissures with neither Chiroptera nor Mormotomyia.
Orders Anura, Columbiformes, Passeriformes, Didelphimorphia, Chiroptera, Rodentia [exotic], Rodentia [native], and Lagomorpha) defined by the two first factors segregated urban from periurban and rural samples.
Distribuicao geografica e analise morfometrica comparativa em Artibeus obscurus (Schinz, 1821) e Artibeus fimbriatus Gray, 1838 (Mammalia, Chiroptera, Phyllostomidae).
The offending chiroptera (that's the Latin for bat, not All-Bran) is said to have winged its way from the UK.
Contributors discuss George Gaylord Simpson and the history of paleomammalogy, anatomical evidence for superordinal/ordinal eutherian taxa in the cretaceous, molecular evidence for major placental clades, insectivoran-grade placentals, and characteristics of macroscelidea & tubulidentata, paenungulata, xenarthra & pholidota, euarchonta, glires, chiroptera, carnivora, perissodactyla, artiodactyla, and cetacea.
This is why their order is named Chiroptera (ky ROP ter rah) or "hand-wing.
After all, this inoffensive placental mammal of the order Chiroptera is a mouse-like animal which flies with a pair of membranous wings - and is undeserving of Dan O'Neill's cruel comparison.
The scientific name for bats is Chiroptera, meaning "hand-wing.
But the five permanent pets, too badly injured to return to the wild, have become traveling public relations for the order Chiroptera, accompanying Mashburn on hundreds of lectures a year to schools, senior centers, Rotary clubs, conservation and farm groups.
Although dogs are considered the principal host of RABV in developing countries, the virus is also dispersed among many species of wild carnivora and chiroptera, especially in those countries of Europe and North America that have well-established vaccination programs (3).
Key products include the deep-water HawkEye bathymetric survey system, the DragonEye pure topographic survey system and the Chiroptera airborne Lidar system for shallow water surveys which are ideally suited to being combined with Leica Geosystem s Mission Pro software and mid-format cameras.
1990 Project Barito Ulu chiroptera survey, February-April 1989.
2) Rocky is a Mexican free-tailed bat, the Southland's most common species of Chiroptera.
This gives rise to the name of their order, Chiroptera (ky-rop'-ter-rah) or "hand-wing.