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a method of treatment that manipulates body structures (especially the spine) to relieve low back pain or even headache or high blood pressure

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TheChiropractic BioPhysics Annual Conference gives my fellow colleagues and I the opportunity to present all the year's top research and concepts to our CBP family of chiropractors who have gathered here from across the world," saidDr.
adults for effective treatment of neck and back pain, with about six in 10 adults either strongly agreeing (23%) or agreeing somewhat (38%) that chiropractors are effective at treating these types of pain.
Chiropractors should be able to accurately diagnose your problems and come up with a plan that gets your pain under control with diet changes, exercises, physical therapy or massage therapy that goes in conjunction with the chiropractic care preferences that best suit clients needs.
Two days after McDaniel's office filed the complaint in Pulaski County Circuit Court, chiropractors Heath Lenox of Little Rock and Daniel Scott Morris of North Little Rock stopped using Pleasant and his companies as procurers, according to the registration record that the chiropractic board started to keep last August.
Upon completion of the program, chiropractors must pass an exam in the state in which they wish to practice.
The chiropractors were asked if they deemed each individual patient an MC candidate.
Even if you believe that the medical profession's wild-eyed jihad against chiropractic treatment was an unfair and counterproductive one, you may be interested to find out what some of the actual arguments against chiropractors were.
SUCCESS: Kerri Stone, left, of Stockton Chiropractic Clinic, is presented with the Clinical Management Quality Mark by Jatinder Benepal, of the College of Chiropractors
Right now, podiatrists and optometrists, for example, can, but chiropractors cannot.
The CCA yesterday published a list with all registered chiropractors in Cyprus for the public's benefit.
95 for a deposition was reasonable for a chiropractor and entered a contempt order against the chiropractor for refusing to comply with the court's discovery order.
We used a Web-based survey to question all chiropractors in the VHA.
This wide range of procedures can result in uninformed consumers who must choose between conventional medicine and chiropractic care and, in many circumstances, act as the informational conduit between their chiropractors and their medical doctors.
There are chiropractors all over the country doing this," said Freedman, who moved his practice to Eugene from Los Angeles in 2007.
Chiropractors treat problems with joints, bones and muscles, and the effects they have on the nervous system.