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a method of treatment that manipulates body structures (especially the spine) to relieve low back pain or even headache or high blood pressure

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In the 19th century, in the US, chiropractice was a culturally marginalized activity whose metaphysical assumptions were viewed as contradictory to Christianity and medicine.
He gained his degree in chiropractice at the University of Glamorgan - one of only two universities in the country to teach the chiropractice techniques he wanted to pursue.
Other professions, such as dentistry, pharmacy, osteopathy and chiropractice already have CDP in place.
Acupressure, acupuncture, anti-inflammatories, auriculotherapy, chiropractice, corticosteroids, electrotherapy, heat and cold therapy, light therapy, massage, orthotics, splinting, stretching, trigger point therapy and ultrasound are discussed.
Tim Hutchful of the British Chiropractice Association said: 'An election campaign has meant he has been constantly on the move.
The Dr Foster Good Complementary Therapist Guide aims to measure and quantify certain standards for complementary therapists, offering national guided tour of the ``big five'' - acupuncture, homeopathy, osteopathy, chiropractice and herbal medicine.
The authority dismissed both complaints, admitting that Bob's qualifications were genuine and he was entitled to use them even if they were not related to chiropractice.
More than 50 senior health care professionals in the fields of physiotherapy, podiatry and chiropractice will be available for consultation in the Therapy Advice Zone between 10.
Bright light treatment, lasers, selenium, chiropractice, musical tones, and malic acid/magnesium are not effective.
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