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a method of treatment that manipulates body structures (especially the spine) to relieve low back pain or even headache or high blood pressure

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2) Costs and cost-effectiveness of chiropractic care (Health services)
Chiropractic care has been shown to be one of the major nonpharmacologic therapies considered effective for both acute and chronic back pain.
Chiropractic care will be provided to these Veterans at no charge as a way to say thank you for their service.
In the new role, Dr Knauf will focus on ensuring consistent delivery of the company's high quality chiropractic care and developing professional relationships with both local chiropractors and patients in Arizona, overseeing its management, quality assurance and ongoing training.
Chiropractic care has a positive reputation among many U.
According to the company, it is reinventing chiropractic care through a franchise model that makes quality alternative healthcare affordable.
According to the 2007 National Health Interview Survey, an estimated 8 percent of adults and 3 percent of children received chiropractic care the previous year.
Therefore, we sought to more fully investigate utilization and national expenditures on chiropractic care from 1997 to 2006.
Total cost of care per year: For low back pain, chiropractic care increases total annual per patient spending by $75 per year over "medical physician care.
Dr Raslan said with chiropractic care, the probability of surgery to correct disc problems is considerably reduced.
Quentin will be telling how chiropractic care saved his autistic son from a life on the medication ritalin.
Yes, chiropractic care is quite effective in reducing or relieving such symptoms, but that's all they really are, symptoms.
Sarah Worrall, 24, provides chiropractic care to horses, dogs and cats.
In reference to the article in the September/October issue of DAV Magazine on the availability of chiropractic care, I believe chiropractic care provides no benefits, is extremely expensive, and is little more than a license to steal.
Charges also were filed against Kathryn Good, 52, of Winnetka, who is accused of leasing her chiropractic license to lend legitimacy to Chiropractic Care of Granada Hills, where four employees were arrested; Sylmar Chiropractic Care, also with four arrests; and Topanga Therapy of Chatsworth, with five arrests.
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