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In our study larger numbers (>10) of zebra mussels, Asian clams, water mites, seed shrimp, snails (Table 3), and chironomids (Table 4) were ingested by individual black carp.
trichophyllum (%IP = 6.0 [+ or -] 2.1) and aquatic invertebrates (mainly chironomids and Simocephalus sp.; %IP = 1.8 [+ or -] 1.4) recedent (Table 1).
In general, research on glacier-fed streams has not focused on the chironomid fauna.
Subfossil chironomid assemblages were analyzed on the same sediment intervals as were the diatoms in order to capture pre- and post-sewage conditions.
The duration of the movement tracks was set to 10 minutes, which was properly enough to show response effects based upon the movement behaviors of other species such as fruit flies [16] and chironomids [17].
"The reason for all the emphasis on wide horizontal gliding is that it allows you to work the rig along bottom, dislodging chironomid larvae as you pull and sweep the dodger across the soft sediment.
Effects of damming a large lowland river on chironomids and fish assessed with the (multiplicative partitioning of) true/hill biodiversity measure.
The only other example in Insecta is the African sleeping chironomid Polypedilum vanderplanki.
Lake Nhlange had a community dominated by polychaetes, chironomid larvae, amphipods and the bivalve Brachidontes virgiliae (Barnard, 1964).
In Lake Kariba juveniles (7cm SL) fed on fish (62% occurrence), crustaceans (20%) and chironomid larvae (24.5%) as well as other insects, and 48% of the fish examined had algae in their stomachs, possibly ingested when they were catching other prey (L.