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(Greek mythology) the learned centaur who tutored Achilles, Asclepius, Hercules, Jason, and other heroes

an asteroid discovered in 1977

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Chiron will produce vaccine for this stockpile at its manufacturing facilities in Italy.
When Chiron was newly found there was no halo," Gehrels says.
Chiron delivers innovative and valuable products to protect human health by advancing pioneering science across the landscape of biotechnology.
We are delighted to expand our presence in Italy's growing life science market with these two latest deals with Chiron and Axxam," said LION bioscience vice president for Global Sales Jason Theodosiou.
The researchers note that Chiron appears about 112 miles in diameter, 10 to 20 times the size of Comet Halley.
Chiron today also announced that it has reached an agreement in principle to settle all claims in the previously reported stockholder actions challenging the proposed transaction with Novartis.
Chiron's independent directors unanimously recommend that Chiron shareholders vote for the Novartis acquisition.
8 million shares of Chiron common stock, representing 9 percent of all shares held by shareholders other than Novartis.
In the letter, ValueAct Capital also stated that if Chiron CEO Howard Pien allowed himself to be co-opted into participating in the investor roadshow being mounted by Novartis and Chiron's independent directors to solicit support for the $45 merger offer, despite its gross inadequacy and despite the opposition of a significant number of Chiron's minority shareholders, ValueAct would deem such participation as a betrayal of the company's shareholders and would seek his removal as CEO if Chiron is ultimately not sold to Novartis.
Our independent directors and management team continue to strongly recommend the Novartis transaction and believe that it represents a full and fair price and is a superior alternative for Chiron's public stockholders to Chiron remaining a standalone company.
In particular, there can be no assurance that additional issues with respect to influenza vaccines or Chiron's manufacturing generally will not arise in the future, or that Chiron will be able to successfully develop, manufacture and receive approval to market new products (including H5N1 and other pandemic influenza vaccines), or achieve market acceptance for such new products, or that the internal and regulatory release procedures for the UK stockpile will be completed timely or successfully.
As part of its avian influenza vaccine strategy, Chiron expects that it can manufacture avian influenza vaccines during the traditional break between seasonal influenza vaccine campaigns, finishing these activities in time for the seasonal influenza vaccine production to avoid interruption of the normal manufacturing cycle.
Chiron Corporation (Nasdaq:CHIR) today announced that Schering AG has provided formal notice to Chiron of its intention to exercise its option under its collaboration agreement with Chiron to purchase or lease all assets used by Chiron in the manufacture for Schering of BETASERON(R) interferon beta-1b products and all contractual rights at their fair market or lease value.
Chiron Corporation (NASDAQ:CHIR) today announced that on February 6, 2006, the European Commission adopted a decision pursuant to Article 6(1)(b) of the Council Regulation (EC) No.