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a British cabinetmaker remembered for his graceful designs (especially of chairs) which influenced his contemporaries (1718-1779)

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He is the vocalist for the Here Comes The Boys - the new name for the Chippendales.
Elveo Perez, manager of the Carlton Hotel in St Peter Port, Guernsey, said: "It was a row between one of our guests and three of the Chippendales.
For more than two decades, the all-male dance group, The Chippendales, has been entertaining female audiences on stages throughout the world.
EMILY fancies a closer look at some Chippendales - and I'm not talking furniture.
There are still glamorous, scantily-clad showgirls and guys like Chippendales, but there is a lot more.
Nevertheless, Siman, accompanied by his friend Dorothy, a homosexual lady editor at Playboy, and sometimes by Elly, a crunchy eating-disorders clinic counselor, is on a mission: snappily written and admirably democratic, the book does no discriminate according to age, class, or sexual preference: from dudes at Chippendales, to runway personality Billy Beyond, to fashion-world darling Todd Oldham's mother, to extra-skinny photographer Corinne Day, ex-model and discoverer of waif-model sensation Kate Moss.
White Party Palm Springs Producer Jeffrey Sanker, the "high priest of gay parties," announced he will be crowning Miami Real Housewife Adriana De Moura as Queen of White Party 2013, anointing Amazing Race runner-up & Chippendales star Jaymes Vaughan as Official 2013 Ambassador and bestowing the title of Dame of White Party 2013 to the diva Madame.
Expect to see girls across the country all dressed up, having fun and losing their minds, as they party it up with the men of Chippendales.
AMERICA'S finest hunks of muscular manhood the Chippendales bring their raunchy repertoire to North Wales next week and, according to the group's lead performer Billy Jeffrey, the guys simply can't wait to get back on UK stages to flex their pecs.
A GROUP of women were treated to the ultimate hot dishes - the Chippendales.
The Men Of The Chippendales first toured the UK over five years ago and are now back with the ultimate girls, night out.
The married, self-employed Dubliner performed in the Irish version of the Chippendales, the Spudendales, in 1991, and says he has no regrets about cavorting in the buff.
TV presenter Hardeep Singh Kohli put his troubles behind him to strip off with The Chippendales in Edinburgh.
The idea of the programme is that I go to stately homes to decide whether so-called Chippendales are genuine.
And any show that turns a well-heeled audience into a Saturday night crowd at Chippendales gets points for inventiveness.