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a British cabinetmaker remembered for his graceful designs (especially of chairs) which influenced his contemporaries (1718-1779)


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The first piece is a miniature 14-karat gold Chippendale chair with a jeweled seat that can be personalized with your birthstone.
All of which is doing to California's real estate industry what a Sumo wrestler does to a Chippendale chair.
The white drawing rooms furnished exclusively with Chippendale furniture; Dumfries House: saved for the nation; The pink dining room is also a treasure trove of the finest Chippendale; If your budget wont stretch to a Chippendale chair, then these engravings are the next best thing.
Although the typical Chippendale chair was sturdy and strong, the best examples had finely carved top rails and splats and even stretchers with pierced frets.
The only way to repair a Chippendale chair leg is with the tools of the period, he maintains, although h e has done horribly sneaky things like mend 18th century items with 19th century wood and tools to make it look as though the chest or whatever was repaired 150 years ago instead of last week.
Jilly's held up by a pair of spindly Chippendale chair legs - but she insists on wearing skirts shorter than a football manager's handshake.
IF your budget won't stretch to a Chippendale chair, then these engravings are the next best thing.
The most recounted tale among the Arrowsmiths is how Arthur gave new life to a set of six Chippendale chairs and sold them on - only to regret the low price and then make a desperate bid to buy them back.
It's the same at Rock Hall Museum, where the new artifacts are now on display, part of the effort to tell a fuller story of the people who lived here -- and not just the people who were likely to sit on Chippendale chairs and pluck a harp.