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a plastic card containing a microprocessor that enables the holder to perform operations requiring data that is stored in the microprocessor

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They should be able to capitalise on the chipcard revolution and develop new marketing initiatives based on smart technology.
I mentioned in my last year end report that Fidelity, in partnership with Magna Carta Chipcard Solutions BV, had been successful in a tender for a new campus cashless card system for Keele University.
In addition, it also has a sales and marketing support centre in Beijing, backend manufacturing plant for logic products in Wuxi, IC Design Centre in Xi'an, as well as Centres of Competence for chipcard and secure mobile solutions in Shanghai.
In September we announced the signing of a Partnership agreement with Magna Carta Chipcard Solutions BV.
As a leader in the security chipcard market, we understand our customers' needs for more advanced security and to be compliant with the latest government standards.
Walsh has worked with a variety of clients ranging from multinational corporations to start ups including, US WEST (now Qwest), GE Plastics, 724 Solutions, The Global Chipcard Alliance, Liberate Technologies, Commerce TV, AT&T Broadband, Longview Solutions, Interactive Enterprise, Edge2Net, Refresh Software Corporation, Boise Building Solutions and Storage Tek.
Following my trading statement of September 2009 regarding the signing of our partnership agreement with Magna Carta Chipcard Solutions B.
The Diebold iris verification ATM has an internal camera that takes a picture of the user's iris and compares it to iris data stored on a chipcard.
These achievements were offset by a revenue decline in the communications and chipcard segments mainly due to the dramatic reduced capital spending of global telecommunication carriers, weak demand and strong overall pricing pressure.
By partnering with a market leading Chipcard provider such as Magna Carta we
Options such as swipe card readers, chipcard readers, speakers and motion sensors can easily be incorporated into the base, and a full range of external interfaces can be connected as well.
Options such as swipe card readers, chipcard readers, speakers, and motion sensors can easily be incorporated into the base.
6 /PRNewswire/ -- The Global Chipcard Alliance (GCA) and World Card Series organizer AiC Worldwide today announced a strategic partnership.
In both the Security & Chipcard and Wireline Communications business groups, Infineon is currently experiencing order cancellations and heavy price pressures due to weak demand.