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a plastic card containing a microprocessor that enables the holder to perform operations requiring data that is stored in the microprocessor

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In tandem with the earlier completion of VISA's EMV certification, this helps reinforce WorldPay's preparedness to assist its clients with the pending migration to chip cards in the US.
Smart Chip Manager will provide RBC with the control and management necessary for early phases of chip card migration as well as the flexibility to offer new products in the coming years.
ICBC-Taiping" co-branded chip card is a new financial product tailored for Taiping's life insurance customers and property insurance customers.
The CeloCom eAccess Server provides flexible chip card authentication, including PKI and single sign-on capabilities for secure access to Internet portals and services offered by financial institutions.
The VeriFone systems are the first card acceptance devices to achieve Interac chip card certification, demonstrating the company's commitment to assist Canadian banks in immediately deploying compliant devices in support of the mandated mass market upgrade of all currently deployed POS devices.
The merchant also inserts a chip card in the terminal and the transaction information is transferred automatically from the consumer's card to the merchant's chip card.
With the certification, Vx Solutions products, including dial-up and IP-based countertops as well as wireless based mobile devices, will be able to support EMV cards and China UnionPay branded chip cards inside and outside of China.
September 1992, Visa announces its support of chip card technology as an international payment service option.
As a major leading player in the China banking industry, ICBC is well positioned to enhance its leadership and further enrich the payment experience of its cardholders with this EMV chip card.
The combination of using a standard EMV payment chip card such as OneSMART along with the secret PIN results in a strong, two-factor authentication process that deters identity phishing attacks and reduces the fraudulent use of stolen cards.
ACI Worldwide (Nasdaq:TSAI), a leading international provider of enterprise payment solutions, today responded to the recent Interac Association decision to have a Canadian chip card infrastructure in place within two years by confirming that two Canadian customers have already licensed EMV-compliant software from ACI.
Market experts expect that the additional benefit of software compatibility will further accelerate the introduction of 32-bit solutions, as the smart card industry demands chip card controllers offering high performance and EEPROM memory of at least 64K bytes.
Recognition Systems, the biometric component of Ingersoll-Rand's (IR) Security & Safety's Electronic Control Systems, announced today that the Port of Rotterdam (Netherlands), an international center of trade, transshipment, industry and distribution, is using hand geometry technology in conjunction with a smart chip card to verify that truck drivers entering and exiting the port are who they say they are.
In 2014, with the review of Thailand Bankers Association and major commercial banks, UnionPay chip card standard became the recommended standard for acceptance and card-issuance for Thailand's banks.