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wallboard composed of wood chips or shavings bonded together with resin and compressed into rigid sheets

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Nick Thompson, an attorney with United Health Care and a member of the CHIP board of directors, said the state's high-risk insurance pool was "standing ready, willing and able to provide coverage" for former MercyOne customers.
The Nebraska CHIP Board of Directors selected Coventry as health plan administrator during the Dec.
O, Raman, Daultala, Bhall, Khanpur, Shamsabad, Madu Kalas, Industrial, Chip Board, Hasnote, Hamlet, Mangla, Cantt, Gujar Khan, Sohawa, Islam Pura, Guliana, Baba Shaheed feeders and surrounding areas.
The new was set up to manufacture of 300,000 t/y of coated white line chip board, stated by PMT Italia .
The idea for Justice Week originated from the CHIP board meetings.
While the CHIP board has not scheduled a meeting, the RSA board is having a special meeting late this week to discuss the Downtown issue.
Gir, Ashraf Shaheed, Khohar, Shamasa Abad, Siddique Shaheed, Military College, Nasir Shaheed Fatehpur, Mandi Bhalwal feeders 07:00am to 11:00am Chip Board, Chak Daulta, Kala Base, Sanaullah, Jakkar, Pakwal, Industrial, CMH feeders, 10:00am to 14:00pm Dargah feeder, 08:30am to 14:00pm Samote, Islam Pura feeders, 09:00am to 14:00pm Khanna East, G/Garden, Sudhran, Tramri, Khanna-II feeders and surrounding areas
Oval head chip board screw c5 x 16 bn 205044 is:6739-1972 160 nos.
Dan Margulies, executive director of the Community Housing Improvement Program (CHIP), which represents owners and operators of multiple dwellings, said that while the CHIP board has not taken an official position, his instinct is to oppose licensing.
From 09-00am to 15:00pm, PTC, Kalabase, Chip Board, Industrial, Zubair Shaheed feeders and surrounding areas.
City of Albuquerque officially celebrated the opening of the new Friedman Recycling Facility and the new $21 million Materials Recovery Facility will recycle nearly 120,000 tons of plastic bottles, cans, small electronics waste, corrugated cardboard, chip board, plastics and more.