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amp; Chun, Sunyatsenia 5: 170, 1940 (accepted name: Chionanthus brachythyrsus (Merr.
Common names (ITIS 2008) Subtropical Moist Forest Ardisia obovata (Myrsinaceae) Guadeloupe marlberry Cestrum laurifolium (Solanaceae) Galen del monte Chiococca alba (Rubiaceae) West Indian milkberry Chionanthus compactus (Oleaceae) Bridgotree Coccothrinax barbadenses (Arecaceae) Puerto Rico silver palm Eugenia monticola (Myrtaceae) Birdcherry E.
Key Words: Fringe tree, Chionanthus virginicus, herbal, phytoequivalence, Phytotherapy
Heat-loving ornamentals Zones 7-9: Plants such as Chionanthus retusus, crape myrtle, and Salvia spathacea thrive during the Central Valley's hot summers and cold winters.
Vervain Mallow Myricaceae Morella pensylvanica (Mirhel) Kartesz Northern Bayberry Oleaceae Chionanthus virginicus L.
356 Olacaceae Scorodocarpus borneensis 357 Oleaceae Chionanthus laxiflorus Bl.