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a brightly printed and glazed cotton fabric

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IDEA: Hang pictures with ribbons; CHINZ FREE: Get the modern look; FLORAL DANCE: Try the retro look; CORK TILES: Cheap but effective
1 sopha with handsome chinz covering and cushions' appears to have been purchased by Oxley's sister, Mrs Dixon for 14-15-o [pounds sterling], Purchases were also made by Hanibal Macarthur to the value of 71-7-0 [pounds sterling], and no doubt other members of the family and close friends may have attended and made purchases.
General manager Pierre Ferchaud describes the rooms as being decorated in the 'Bristol's tradition' -bright, fresh, elegant and simple, thick carpets, tafettas, velvet and chinz fabrics.
IT'S the Swedish furniture store which clocked up sales of pounds 585 million last year by telling us cheekily to chuck out our chinz - and it's coming to Coventry.