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a Penutian language spoken by the Chinook


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Native American Chinook Indians flattened the heads of babies if they were connected to the chief or tribal royalty.
They originate from western North America where the Chinook Indians, who used to eat the bulbs, named them kamas or quamash.
Combined with salmon, these and other plants provided the Chinook Indians with more than enough to share with the Corps of Discovery until the expedition departed the following spring.
Seattle's Sahalee course was once the hunting grounds of the Chinook indians, and means 'high heavenly ground'.
Wonderful multicultural games exist from the Inuit Eskimos, Chinook Indians, New Zealand and New Guinea tribes, Norway, America, and throughout the world.
Further, he reflects a nineteenth-century assimilationist perspective in his characterization of some Coeur D'Alene as lazy and unclean, women as weak, and Chinook Indians as "thievish.