Genghis Khan

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Mongolian emperor whose empire stretched from the Black Sea to the Pacific Ocean (1162-1227)

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The existing Chinggis Khaan airport was built in 1986 and later extended, thanks to the investment of the Asian Development Bank.
Ulaan Baator: August 27 -- (BNA) The Kuwaiti Amir, HH Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmed Al-Jabir Al-Sabah, acompanied with Deputy Chief of the Kuwaiti National Guard, Sheikh Meshal Al-Ahmed Al-Jabir Al-Sabah, and official delegation left from Chinggis Khaan International Airport in the Mongolian Capital, Ulaan Baator, heading to the United Kingdom on a private visit.
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, June 3, 2010 - (ABN Newswire) - Frontier Securities is organizing an annual conference, under the title "Mongolia: Capital Raising", which will be taking place at Chinggis Khaan Hotel, Ulaanbaatar, on June 15-16, 2010.
Jack Weatherford is a professor of Anthropology at Macalester College, and he also received an honorary Doctorate degree of Humanities from Chinggis Khaan College in Mongolia.
Named as Grand Chinggis Khaan Golf Cup, the event is a tribute to Mongolia's ' Man of the Millennium' and will be held at the Qutab Golf Course, Lado Sarai.