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Mongolian emperor whose empire stretched from the Black Sea to the Pacific Ocean (1162-1227)

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I suggest that the topos of the Jewish harbinger and advisor may have been transferred to the story of Chinggis Khan, and might have provided the basis for this aspect of the story presented by al-Nuwayri.
The Prime Minister said in his inaugural speech that Chinggis Bond spending is delivering energy and light to 20 thousand households in Ulnbtar.
68) Ibn Battuta, who defines Buzan as "an ill-tainted and evil Muslim," gives more specific--and often quoted--reasons for Buzan's opposition to Tarmashirin: Tarmashirin abrogated the Yasa of Chinggis Khan by not conducting the annual toy, an assembly of the princes and nobility who had the power to depose a khan, nor did he visit his eastern territories and especially Almaliq, the former Chaghadaid capital on the Ili river, for four years (i.
Chinggis Capital's primary responsibility will be to liaison with the investment community on Tracker's behalf.
In 1256, a large reinforcement increased the Mongol presence in the Middle East to 150,000 troops, at least, accompanied by women and children (perhaps another 600,000) and herds (at least 15 million animals) - a population about equal to that of Chinggis Khan's homeland.
By receiving praise from the caliph, Baybars, who had started out as a slave, was thus made worthy of communications with a descendent of Chinggis Khan.
While listening to a discussion of this book in class, it struck me that much of what Professor Manz writes with justice about Timur might be said about the methods used by Chinggis Khan at the turn of the thirteenth century.
As the economy expands bringing potential travel industry development, the current Chinggis Khaan International Airport is struggling with some safety and operational issues.
Abi Talib, while depicted as a conqueror, is also vilified, as is Chinggis Khan.
The descendants of the great Chinggis Kaan are infinitely proud of their historical genesis.
Hagel was welcomed to the capital Ulan Bator according to custom, trying dried milk curd upon stepping off the plane at Chinggis Khn International Airport, named after the country's warrior-emperor.
GST), a leading innovator of weather forecasting products and services, is proud to announce that it recently completed a contract to provide WAFS-METLAB2(TM) weather workstation technology to the Mongolia Aviation Meteorological Center (AMC) at the Chinggis Khan International Airport in Ulaan Bataar, Mongolia.
Unfortunately, it seems that Mongolia has succumbed to a 'procyclical' (World Bank Group Mongolia, 2013: 5) model of expenditure to uphold its equity obligations through investing in large infrastructure projects, as evidenced by the public debt incurred through the Development Bank of Mongolia (DBM) and the Chinggis Bond.
The second article, by Naran Bilik, analyses the nuanced roles of Chinggis Khan worship in the troubled Mongol identity, from the vantage point of cognitive anthropology.
The economy may be dragged also because majority of public investment using Chinggis bond proceeds will not start this year.