Qing dynasty

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the last imperial dynasty of China (from 1644 to 1912) which was overthrown by revolutionaries

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You simply can't miss going to the Chi Hou Lighthouse, dating back to the Ching Dynasty.
It was developed by Royal Herbalists more than one hundred years ago after decades of research and has been used by the Royal families of the Ching Dynasty.
However, unlike the Ching Dynasty, which passed into the pages of history, NTT is intent on building an even mightier empire.
It kicks off with Seven Swords, a martial arts epic set during the Ching dynasty, which holds its world premiere today.
One of the most amazing pieces is the "Carved Olive-stone Boat" from the Ching Dynasty.
This was overseen by the Ching dynasty of minority Manchu origin, and in particular Qianlong (1711-99), whose life and reign he describes.