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a fortification 1,500 miles long built across northern China in the 3rd century BC

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Bailey replied he had a "degree of cynicism" about the Chinese walls, which were designed to keep different arms of financial institutions independent of each other.
The JOBS Act has all but eviscerated this Chinese wall for qualifying companies--allowing analysts to create interest in a stock that is the subject of an offering even as their firms profit from underwriting the offering.
AMF said that it had been unable to find evidence of insider trading but that Societe Generale's failure to identify a potential conflict of interest and police its Chinese Walls were breaches of financial rules.
They say there are Chinese walls, but I don't think they always work.
Services will subsequently be extended to consortia management (including a Chinese walls facility' to protect the confidentiality of data); a registration system to handle the submission of dossiers to authorities on behalf of individual companies or consortia; submission of applications for authorisation on behalf of individual companies and/or consortia plus tools, guidance and training.
III The Legal and Theoretical Foundations of a Lawyer's Duty to Avoid Conflict A Duty of Confidentiality B Fiduciary Duty of Loyalty C Administration of Justice IV Conditions Precedent A Same or Closely Related Matters B Adverse Interests V Present Client Conflict VI Former Client Conflict A Prince Jefri Bolkiah v KPMG (a firm) B Spincode Pty Ltd v Look Software Pty Ltd C The Jurisprudence--Drawing the Common Threads Together 1 Confidential Information 2 The English Approach 3 The Victorian Approach VII Related Matters A Avoidance of Conflict of Duty 1 Fully Informed Consent 2 Chinese Walls B Laches--Delay in Bringing an Application to Restrain a Lawyer from Acting VIII Conclusion
But when it comes to money I have always been able to rationalise my principles and build Chinese walls between the two.
Among the obvious are the porous Chinese walls between investment banks and their brokerage affiliates, stock analysts and the companies they cover, and media that may be less independent than thought.
He told them: "There must be maximum unity in Labour's campaigning and the campaign that I lead will have no barriers, divisions or Chinese walls.
UK officials have been at pains to stress that they anticipate participating in both European and US stealth programmes, with strict Chinese walls being maintained between them.
Conflicts in an MDP can be resolved exactly as they have been historically: by informed client waivers, structural separation, and Chinese walls (procedures that prevent information flows between firm members).
Motorola's smartcard will offer internal chinese walls to prevent the different programs loaded on a card from interfering with each other, as well as security firewalls for both software and hardware.
Ferrara on Insider Trading and The Wall demonstrates how such firms can implement Chinese Walls and other procedural devices to prevent employees who acquire material nonpublic information from sharing it with employees who trade securities.
Chinese walls should also be put in place to ensure there are no clashes between the SEB's permitting and advisory functions, said AMs.