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shrubby Chinese rose

large showy Asiatic shrub or small tree having large single or double red to deep-red flowers

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The Chinese rose have used it for years primarily to treat asthma and sinus and nasal congestion.
The other line, Te Tao Body, is a line of body scrubs, cleansers and lotions with ingredients such as seaweed, Chinese rose and lotus seed.
This one is my favorite,'' Lesperance said, indicating a green Chinese Rose.
Going by the young-looking crowd, I was so surprised to find the famous Glasgow Chinese rose lady wandering around the cloakroom area with her flowers.
The final course was the same well-marbled Kumamoto beef from Kyushu which was stir fried and given the lightest glazed of oyster, butter, and a whiff of Chinese Rose wine.
Infused with lotus seed,it also contains extracts of Chinese rose, valerianand ginseng.
THE ANNUAL flowering of this great Chinese rose is the highlight of my year.
RECOVERY: A Chinese water dragon' WHAT A TAIL: Four caiman crocodiles get some care in Belfast yesterday after they were seized outside Newry Pictures: Alan Lewis' STICKY ISSUE: Tree frog was in shipment' WEB SIGHT: Chinese rose tarantula' RESCUE: Frogs of unknown species
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