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With this deeper understanding of the current status of Chinese house type, ownership of the house and structure orientation as relates to solar energy, there is a chance to more deeply appreciate cultural traditions, and in so doing understand the factors that influence solar panel installation decisions.
In the flowers that Lankinen studies, Chinese houses, the female pistil takes the usual form of a receptive surface, the stigma, atop a stalk that leads down to carefully wrapped and protected ovules at the pistil base.
But Chinese houses delay the start of the race, a timing twist proposed as a form of female choice.
Though blue orchard bees gathered nectar and pollen from all of these species--a key requirement for wildflowers on the list--the bees' obvious favorite was the bright-pink blossoms of the Chinese houses plants.
Washington, Feb 14 (ANI): Actor Jackie Chan is set to donate his collection of historical Chinese houses, said to be worth 67 million dollars, to a new university in Singapore.
The Chinese houses would be a wonderful symbol of this proposed partnership.
It is a manifestation of a singular architectonic vision of Taiwan's leaders, almost a foreign body in a city with a peculiar mixture of traditional Chinese houses, low-rise buildings and broad avenues situated in a relatively narrow, bowl-shaped valley.
The Chinese houses were all painted blue and stood two stories tall, whereas Khmer and tribal houses are all one story, up on stilts, and made of unfinished wood or bamboo.
Other California native wild flowers Pokorski recommends for novice gardeners are lupine, tidytips, Chinese houses and baby blue eyes, available in seeds at garden centers.
Traditionally a huge clean-up gets under way when Chinese houses are cleaned from top to bottom to sweep away any traces of bad luck, and doors and windowframes are given a new coat of paint, often red to ward off evil spirits.
Peer behind lines of drying T-shirts and sheets into one of the old-style, two-storey Chinese houses and you see two, three or four families sharing one house.
59) centered around an ancestral shrine (though often enough in Ming-Qing times one also finds Buddhist alters in Chinese houses as well, especially in the women's quarters).
There are Chinese houses in many cities, of course, but they are virtually all serviced by product (in Chinese) from Hong Kong studios which churn out everything from action features to soap operas.
The architecture of the Straits Chinese houses also reflect this notion of eclecticism.
White and lavender Chinese houses are stacked on the vine like an exotic whirligig.
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