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The Kiwi was originally known as a Chinese Gooseberry, but renamed melonette in the mid-20th century, before a tariff on melon imports to the US sparked another change to kiwi fruit
The most popular name was the Chinese gooseberry but, during the Cold War, anything associated with China was frowned upon by advertisers in the western world and in 1959 the name kiwi fruit was created as it was first commercially farmed in New Zealand.
For instance, the Chinese gooseberry, a small, somewhat bitter fruit, was conventionally modified in New Zealand to make kiwifruits, which produced allergic reactions among some consumers, although the modified fruits remain popular at produce markets.
The kiwi fruit was introduced to New Zealand from China in 1906 and was originally known as the Chinese gooseberry, despite it not being a part of the gooseberry family.
The first seeds of the hairy Chinese gooseberry, as it was once known, were raised in 1904.
Kiwi fruit or Chinese gooseberry (Actinidia chinensis)
The wildly popular kiwifruit was previously called a Chinese gooseberry.
THE Chinese Gooseberry Man - E H Wilson' will feature actor and author Geoff Hales telling the story of an apprentice gardener at The Birmingham Botanical Gardens & Glasshouses in 1897.
We garnished our dish with some semi-whipped cream, strawberries, Chinese gooseberry or physalis and a couple of coffee-shaped chocolate beans from a company called Dholer.
Another odd fruit growing in popularity is the Chinese gooseberry which was re-invented by the New Zealanders as Kiwi fruit.