Chinese goose

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very large wild goose of northeast Asia

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Chinese goose farms provide 80% of the world's down.
Key words: brainstem auditory evoked response test, otitis interna, vestibular disease, avian, Chinese goose, Anser cygnoides
The White Chinese goose can be aggressive but at the same time, makes a good "watch dog" with its incessant honking at anything out of the ordinary.
His party didn't say boo to a Chinese goose when the pounds 6.
Abstract: An adult female Chinese goose (Anser cygnoides) presented with a ventral displacement of the hyoid apparatus, associated with distension of the intermandibular sublingual space and of the gular skin, causing difficulties with prehension and deglutition of food and water.
Originating in Asia several centuries ago, the Chinese goose is an ancient breed with modern applications.
Our "small" White Chinese goose lays eggs equivalent in size to three large chicken eggs.
A lonely Chinese goose is having trouble finding a mate .
The average Chinese Goose produces nearly twice as many goslings as other geese, laying 40 to 100 white eggs annually.