Chinese elm

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Synonyms for Chinese elm

fast-growing shrubby Asian tree naturalized in United States for shelter or ornament

small fast-growing tree native to Asia

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A Chinese elm will produce eight billion seeds in its first year of life and ALL of them will be viable
Q: Three years ago I was given a beautiful Chinese elm bonsai tree.
The Chinese Elm is a good starter as it's a variety which is fast-growing and basically indestructible.
The Chinese elm, for example, has brought Albuquerque inhabitants shade--but also the misery of allergies.
The tree species being planted in Esteban Park include the Indian Rosewood, Eldarica Pine, Velvet Ash, Chinese Elm and Chinese Pistache.
The bark of the mature Chinese elm inspired the front yard's apricot, gray, and soft green plant color scheme.
Because the site is studded with mature Coast Live Oak, Chinese Elm and numerous other trees, visitors have a great opportunity to see how to garden successfully beneath shady trees.
The lacebark elm, also called Chinese elm, is another fast-growing, long-living tree.
This group of trees includes azalea, juniper, pomegranate, pyracantha, Chinese elm, myrtle and Japanese maples.
The lacebark elm or Chinese elm (not to be confused with the Siberian elm, which is commonly sold in nurseries under the name Chinese elm) is a stress-tolerant tree that thrives from coast to coast and from Nebraska to Florida.
A few weeks ago, he looked out and noticed that the rain had triggered enormous growth in our Dwarf Chinese Elm trees.
Some tree options are Chinese Elm, Australian and New Zealand tea trees, and melaleucas.
Nicki and Peter Mofft's outdoor fireplace rises from the back of a patio shaded by a tall Chinese elm.
The patio, partly shaded by a Chinese elm, is made of puzzle-like pieces of broken concrete.
The city will use eight to 10 different varieties of trees, including Modesto ash, golden rain, Chinese flame, and Chinese elm.
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