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The Chinese chive fly (Bradysia odoriphaga) is a serious Dipteran insect pest of Chinese chives (Allium tuberosum) and mushrooms (Hussey et al.
2002) have also reported efficient plant regeneration via root tip culture on Chinese chive (Allium tuberosum Rottle).
Paired with some hand-pulled fried noodles (with yummy Chinese chive and heaps of mushrooms) and some crisp-tender gai lan greens in oyster sauce, and you've got a fresh, stylish twist on Chinese.
After consulting with different prefectures, it found Oita the most cooperative, leading to cultivation of Chinese chives as its first project.
Have your other ingredients lined up next to the stove: oil, garlic, bean sprouts, and Chinese chives.
In the near future, PFALs will be used to produce Chinese chives, Chinese cabbages, and other products for use in pickled and frozen foods.
But 10 Chinese people had to hospital in England recently after eating daffodils they mistook Chinese chives in supermarket.
For starters, we enjoyed an attractive steamed dim sum platter consisting of black pepper roasted duck dumpling, scallop shu mai with orange tobiko, prawns and Chinese chives with crab sauce and prawns.
The scope of their inspections was expanded to produce such as lettuce, green onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, Chinese chives, asparagus, field peas and green soybeans.
Charcoal grills are starting to come out, and glass display cases show that you can get anything grilled on a skewer: Squid, beef, chicken wings, lamb, enoki mushrooms, even sprigs of Chinese chives.
Also known as Chinese chives or gow choy, garlic chives are native to eastern Asia and are as hardy and easy to grow as regular chives.
For adding flavour, Chinese chives are invaluable because they hold their leaves through the winter when ordinary chives die right down.
Yet, when Brenzel planted white flowering Chinese chives next to her own roses, the chives - to say nothing of the roses - were soon covered with black aphids.
Heaping platters of crab, shrimp, mussels, clams, succulent Chinese chives and broccoli arrive at the table carried by young girls, "boathops' who later present the tab.
While the charcoal grilled black cod with a smattering of Chinese chives had the right bite of steamed and fried, it was the tender braised Wagyu beef with szechuan pepper that bowled us over.
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