Chinese Revolution

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the republican revolution against the Manchu dynasty in China

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it may safely be augured that the Chinese revolution will throw the spark into the overloaded mine of the present industrial system and cause the explosion of the long-prepared general crisis.
The launch of the MGTF 135 takes the Chinese revolution at Longbridge into a brand new phase
Although the articles presented were almost all focused on the beginning of the twentieth century, or the outset of the Chinese revolution, still, they provided a kind of breakthrough, and a valuable foundation, for the further development of the historiography of the French Revolution in China.
MR was founded in the year of the last of these events, the victory of the Chinese Revolution.
He begins by examining the so-called Great Revolutions--the French Revolution of 1789, the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, and the Chinese Revolution of 1911-1949--and follows up with an exploration of some more recent revolutions in the less-developed parts of the world.
SAMMY Yu has urged all at Blues to 'open their eyes' to the Chinese revolution.
The result is an excellent study that leads us to a more sophisticated analysis of the Chinese revolution.
But as someone deeply influenced by the Chinese Revolution, someone persuaded of the enduring validity of the communist historical project, I'd like to challenge Spalding's whole outlook on what strikes me as the most exciting and promising communist revolutionary movement anywhere in the world today.
Principal wars: Chinese Revolution (1911-1917); Chinese Civil War (1917-1926); Northern Expedition (1926-1928); Second Sino-Japanese War (1937-1945); Civil War (1945-1949).
Edgar Snow, who was not a Marxist, introduced me to Marxism through his objective reporting on the Chinese Revolution.
For those supporters who have deserted St Andrew's, get back there and see what is happening - a Chinese revolution.
The authors use large portions of the journal to reveal living conditions in Shanghai's wartime ghetto, the effects of World War II on China and the events after the war that led to the Chinese Revolution in 1949.
Principal wars: Sino--Japanese War (1894-1895); Boxer Rebellion (1900-1901); Chinese Revolution (1911-1917).
Oddly enough, at the same time, we hear voices on the left wondering whether the Chinese Revolution has actually done anything good for the Chinese people.
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