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a form of communism developed in China by Mao Zedong

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arguing that Chinese Marxism is incompatible with central tenets of Marxism and internally inconsistent.
From the soteriological perspective of Buddhism, Chinese Marxism or socialism is a global sigh in the midst of sentient beings' miseries.
Such a narrative also aims to refute the prevalent Western perceOption that reduces Chinese Marxism to a "monolithic" voice of Maoism.
He is true to his political views, which are very close to Chinese Marxism.
By continuously invoking the "objectivity" of historical and economic forces and subjecting socialism to their operations, post-Maoist Chinese Marxism relegates socialism to an undetermined future time, debilitating people's spirits by telling them that little can be done to hasten the process.
Finally, Lichtenstein's paper is concerned with contemporary Chinese Marxism.
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