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dark Old World kite feeding chiefly on carrion

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In Bangor yesterday, children made and flew kites at the second Chinese Kite Festival at Treborth Botanical Gardens.
Full steam ahead: Traction engines on Llandudno prom and (right) Chinese Kite Festival at Treborth Botanical Gardens, Bangor Pics: ROBERT PARRY JONES and RICHARD WILLIAMS
TREBORTH Botanic Garden is set to host the Chinese Kite Festival between 1pm and 4pm on Sunday.
Unlike the high street tour operators who will escort you to endless numbers of souvenir shops and make you feel like travelling on Pirates of the Caribbean, Oriental Travel is confident that no competitor can outdo their fun-packed family activities: fly handicraft traditional Chinese kites on Tiananmen Square, learn how to cook with fresh market food, exercise your mind and body with Tai Chi, meet cute pandas at the world's primary breeding sanctuary, picnic on the Great Wall and shop till you drop in one of the most famous ex British colonies, Hong Kong.
During the festival, Fred was to head a team of kite enthusiast teaching visitors how to make Chinese kites.
There are an assortment of bright, colorful Chinese kites affixed to the ceiling trusses.
Packed with detail about man's quest to emulate the birds - from early Chinese kites and Leonardo da Vinci, to the doomed jumps from the tallest towers, Absolute Altitude is also a surprisingly gripping tale of the history of aviation.
Dozens of open tents were erected on the school's playground, where visitors, from parents to the public, examined the Chinese kites, Incan pottery and ancient voodoo tools, all made by the students as part of social science lessons.
Classic Chinese kites have sails of paper or silk stretched over heat-shaped bamboo; styles are often elaborate creatures--dragons, lions, or butterflies.
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