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In the years immediately following the war with Russia, her agents swarmed over the Chinese Empire.
Japan's officers reorganized the Chinese army; her drill sergeants made the mediaeval warriors over into twentieth century soldiers, accustomed to all the modern machinery of war and with a higher average of marksmanship than the soldiers of any Western nation.
While waiting for slack water, in which to lift their heavy nets from the bed of the bay, the Chinese had all gone to sleep below.
The decks were beginning to swarm with half-awakened and half-naked Chinese.
The Chinese government has in vain attempted to deal with the evil by stringent laws.
I then asked the old pilot if there was no creek or harbour which I might put into and pursue my business with the Chinese privately, and be in no danger of the enemy.
The Chinese look upon their Emperor as everything, and now he was ill, and not likely to live it was said.
But he had a head on him, and he was soon onto the curves of the Chinese farmers that dealt at his store.
I'll tell you one thing, though-- give me the Chinese to deal with.
Dear dear,' said Flora, 'only to think of the changes at home Arthur--cannot overcome it, and seems so natural, Mr Clennam far more proper--since you became familiar with the Chinese customs and language which I am persuaded you speak like a Native if not better for you were always quick and clever though immensely difficult no doubt, I am sure the tea chests alone would kill me if I tried, such changes Arthur--I am doing it again, seems so natural, most improper--as no one could have believed, who could have ever imagined Mrs Finching when I can't imagine it myself
You don't seem so,' pouted Flora, 'you take it very coolly, but however I know you are disappointed in me, I suppose the Chinese ladies--Mandarinesses if you call them so--are the cause or perhaps I am the cause myself, it's just as likely.
Two pretty cups with covers, and a fine scarlet tray completed the set, and made one long to have a "dish of tea," even in Chinese style, without cream or sugar.
She was just trying to impress upon her mind that Amoy was two hundred and eighty miles from Hong Kong, when Fun came scuffling back, bearing what she thought was a small sword, till he unfurled an immense fan, and presented it with a string of Chinese compliments, the meaning of which would have amused her even more than the sound, if she could have understood it.
We marched for many days--so many that I lost count of them--and at last we came to another city--a Chinese city this time--which stands upon the site of ancient Moscow.
We could converse with our captors only through the medium of interpreters who spoke both Chinese and Abyssinian.