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Judge Foran enjoined the picketing and scolded the unions, noting "that all men, even including Chinamen residents of the United States, stand equally before the law.
of Mr Lim--'one of the richest Chinamen in the world'--were deemed wholly appropriate by his Scottish guest, despite an initial 'discomfiture'.
They also bought the empty shells of our own Springfields from Chinamen that our authorities negligently permitted them to gather up after a battle.
But certainly not enough to spoil the experience of watching butterflies wheel across the screen to Beethoven's Fifth; illuminated fairies, Chinamen toadstools and Cossack thistles dancing through the Nutcracker Suite; storks flying across a limpid lagoon to the accompaniment of an exquisite, rippling Clair de Lune, or nature fighting fire to Stravinsky's Firebird.
I lost a little hand grenade throwing contest to a group of Chinamen,'' Russ explained calmly.
This is, as Frankie says, because there are a "Hundred thousand Chinamen here [in Cuba]" (THHN 36).
But I have known Chinamen who were not opium-smokers, and I believe they are far more certain not to offend or molest a woman than white men, especially white men with a glass [of alcohol] in [them].
She'd been told that Jews who married Chinamen could leave Germany so she got engaged to man called Schu Ka Ling.
There is an extraordinary collection of porcelain nodding head Chinamen - like nodding dogsbut on this occasion corpulent Chinese men with pointy hats.
The second clause agrees that the tribes will "live on terms of friendship and peace with the white men, and the negroes and Chinamen living under white men's laws.
2001: The National Congress of American Indians prints a poster featuring a Cleveland Indians baseball cap alongside those from the (imaginary) New York Jews and San Francisco Chinamen.
This is where all the spin docs enter, bowling chinamen and doosras to beguile and befuddle.
Frayn was inspired to write the play in 1970 when he was standing backstage watching a performance of his farce Chinamen, and realised there was as much, if not more, comedy taking place behind the scenes as on the stage.
Leanne Harrison gave a vibrant performance and John Murphy and Haydn Edwards were perfect as the gambling Chinamen, Ling and Ching.
Last year loaded Chinamen dangled a $2m first prize ($750,000 for the runner-up and even $25,000 for last place) for the inaugural Lake Malaren Shanghai Masters, assembling 20 of the world's finest golfers to join the best nine players in China in a 29-man field.